Wed, May 21st–Creative Writing


Ok, so did you miss me? Anyone? Anyone?

Let’s start by getting you a little more time to write your scene and check them against the model for correct formatting.

Then, we’ll talk about Blake Snyder’s “Save the Cat”– a way of organizing stories (especially movies) into common patterns. Not every movie fits into this pattern, but many Hollywood movies share many of these tendencies.

Let’s learn more.

Blake Snyder Beat Sheet (source)

  • Opening Image
  • Set-up
  • Theme Stated
  • Catalyst 
  • Debate 
  • Break Into Two (Choosing Act Two)
  • B Story
  • The Promise of the Premise 
  • Midpoint
  • Bad Guys Close In
  • All is Lost
  • Dark Night of the Soul
  • Break Into Three (Choosing Act Three)
  • Finale
  • Final Image

Then, I’ll ask you in small groups to take a movie you know and break it into beats. You can use Brick or some other movie everyone has seen.

Finally, I’ll ask you to make a shorter beat sheet for a 10-minute movie. We’ll see a short movie (Life is Beautiful) and check out how the filmmakers condense the story structure for a smaller movie. Which beats would you keep and which would you do away with. Drop the result on QuestionPress.

If we have time, we can start looking at play scripts and note the differences between them.


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