Essay Fun: Day 3

First, we’ll get blogs.  Go here.

Post your college questions on the blog.

Then, we’ll get to the most important day of the school year. It’s the day I tell you about Show don’t tell. Actually, it’s the day I tell you about Show don’t Tell for the first time.

I tend to have to repeat.

Here’s a long-ish piece on what I mean by Show don’t Tell. Read the first two points:

  1. Choose Specific Details That Show Your Point
  2. Give the Reader a Reason to Feel Your Emotions

Now, it’s our turn:

You have one sentence.

My little brother is annoying.

Use the powers of Show don’t Tell to add meaningful details to make that statement come alive. Drop the result on QuestionPress. I’ll show you how.

HW: Let’s keep trying this. Here are 5 more sentences to develop. Blog Post.

  1. The house is scary.
  2. The car is fast.
  3. The lion was deadly.
  4. The boys were loud.
  5. The girls were loud.


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