AP English–September 17

Kids soccerThere is no other sport that can bear such incompetence.

Refining our writing through revision

How to construct syntactically interesting sentences.

So, we’ll start with an essay from Dave Eggers.  Read and then–in pairs–pull out 3 sentences to break down syntactically to see how they work. I’ll do an early one to show you how it’s done.

Afterward, I’ll go through sentences 11-20 and give you some other options.

Next, we’ll give you time to discuss with your writing partner what your message/stories are.  And then we’ll write.  After we’ve had some time to engage in fevered composition, we’ll drop choice bits onto QuickieQ and comment as a full class.

Then, if we have time: let’s look at colons (well, the punctuation mark).

HW: Finish the personal essay and have it printed for Wednesday.  Monday bring your Independent book.

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