Your argument lacks validity

Let’s start with the Synthetic essay. Drop your thesis onto Quickie Q and we’ll evaluate them as a class.

Next, we’re all about the Argument essay. First, read this explanation and set of advice. Then, we’ll talk.

Then, here’s an example of the Argument essay (Question 1). Read the question and then outline how you would attack the question.  You should complete these parts:

  1. A thesis
  2. The 2-4 arguments you want to make.
  3. A summary of the evidence you would us to back up your argument.
  4. Which of the strategies suggested by the earlier essay (Re-definition, consequence, yes/but) did you use (or what cool strategy that was unremarked on did you use instead?)?

Then, we’ll look at the anchor papers and the scoring notes.

After a break, let’s do it again!

  1. Argument prompt (Question 3)
  2. Anchor Papers
  3. Scoring Notes

HW: Find a quote from this page and write a 200-300 word argument response that agree, disagrees, or finds a more nuanced response to the quote.  Double credit.

Extra: The internets are all over the question of “begging the question.”  The Rabbit hole starts here.

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