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Semester Nonfiction Project 2.0

Fascination Essay


Due Date Assignment
3/29-3/30 Fascination Essays Rough draft due
3/22-3/23 Fascination Essays–4 total sources with citation, quote, recorded in a research log.

Read “The End of Nature” (pgs. 918-926) and answer questions 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 11

3/10-3/11 Revise your Gender article for a grade and


  • 500-1000 words.
  • At the top of the page, write the exact prompt you are responding to.
  • Correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, paragraphing and other mechanical elements.
  • Strong sentence variance in length and syntax. Sophisticated vocabulary. Use of semicolons, colons, and dashes.
  • Specific examples and evidence to elaborate on the points you’re making.
  • Thoughtful exploration of the topic.
3/8-3/9 Take your HW gender essay and make a second edit of it. Correct for mechanical/grammar errors, but also make sure you have some sort of evidence for all of the points you make. Minimum 500 words. Max 1000. Bring them to class next Tue/Wed.
3/1 Period 2: Read “Australian High School Allows Students to Choose Uniforms.” Write a 400-word response that either agree/disagrees with this policy or research uniform policies in Washington State schools and make a case for the best policy when it comes to uniforms and students.Period 4: Read “How dating other sexual assault…” at Vox (warning: definitely some difficult, harrowing description ahead). Please write a 200 word-response explaining your observations on the prevalence of sexual abuse in our society.
2/29 Have an idea about what book/group you want to be a part of…
2/25-2/26 Choose your own article on Gender from the sites below. Find the one that you think is most relevant and intriguing. Read it. Write a quick summary and make a case for why the entire class should read it. Make sure to have a link ready.

2/12 Annotated Bibliography for SNP
2/11-2/12 SNP Presentations in class
2/9-2/10 In the textbook, read pages 532-544. After reading these 4 selections, reflect on how our society’s views on gender have changed and failed to change. In a 300-400 word response, make some considered observations on gender and society while backing up your points with reference to the sources you’ve read as well as examples from your own reading and experience.
2/1-2/2 Read Women’s Brains in the textbook (pgs. 518-523). Choose 6 of the “Questions on Rhetoric and Style” to answer. Bring SNF book.
 1/12-1/13  Research is finished–either notecards or reseach log (Research question + Source info + quote + possible new resources) completed. Slide by slide breakdown of your speech (e.g. Slide 1 = story about 1963 accident where a nuke was almost set off; Slide 2 = Rhetorical Question–Would we allow our neighbor to own a bomb that could destroy the entire neighborhood?…).Rhetorical Analysis essay in class Tue/Wed
1/11/16 MLK Revisions Due
12/17 Read the first three selection from the textbook–pages 361-369. Then, in a 300 word essay, answer the question: “How do you live the good life?” using examples from any of the three texts, as well as other reading/experiences of yours.
 12/18  Choose your resolution and write 200-300 words about your current opinion of the resolution. What do you know already? What do you need to find out? What would you vote today if you had to? How confident do you feel about this? (Period 1 only)
 Dec 10/11  Read Gladwell’s “Small Change” 344-353 and and “Spring Awakening” by Jose Antonio Vargas. Now, imagine that you were an activist–make up a cause to be engaged with–and wanted to use the tools of social networks to inspire others to join you. How would you do it? Create a detailed plan of 300-400 words.
 Dec 8/9  Read Putnam pages 323-335. Of the “Exploring the text” questions in the back answer any 7 of them but you need to include question 12.
Dec 3/4 Read “Walking the Path Between Worlds” by Lori Arviso Alvord (pgs. 316-323 and Ta-Nehisi Coates’s “Letter to My Son” (first half, you can stop at “…the Dream of living white.” Compare and contrast the two personal essays in terms of tone, persona, and attitude towards their subjects. 300 word minimum.
Dec 1st Read Thoreau’s “Where I lived, and What I lived for” (pgs. 296- 301) and answer questions 1-12 in the “Rhetoric and Style” section.
Nov 19/20 Rough Draft of Injustice Anywhere is due. All 5 paragraphs should be there. Final is due Nov 23/24.
Nov 23 Here is the ETHOS makeup for those who received lower than a C.

  • Set up a time to see me next week.
  • Find 5 speeches online. They can either be classic speeches of historical importance or they can be contemporary speeches (political, commencement, business-related, press conferences).
  • For each speech, analyze the ethos appeals. Show how the speaker tries to either invent ethos or exploit their situated ethos. Quote short selections and analyze the strategies used to connect to the audience and shape persona.

Nov 17/18 Read all of “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.” (It’s in the textbook and here). Choose 5 paragraphs that are not the first 5 paragraphs and make notes for each on the strategies you see and the possible analytical observations you can make about WHY King would use those strategies
Nov 12/13 Read/watch 3 Commencement addresses from here. For each analyze their their rhetorical strategies (logos, ethos, pathos). Pull one quote from each as an exemplar of one strategy. 300 word minimum.
PATHOS Make-up Nov 13th Makeups for Pathos quiz go like this:

  • You can only do this if you have a C or lower grade.
  • You’ll need to sign up and attend a SAS with me this week.
  • The makeup assignment asks you to analyze a speech or editorial and write 5 paragraphs that each 1) identify a single PATHOS strategy 2) pull a short < 2-sentence quote and 3) analyze the ways in which the strategy helps the author achieve his/her purpose. Minimum 4 sentences and attention should be paid to EXTENDING the analysis instead or repeating or stating the obvious.

For students making up the PATHOS quiz, see this for good examples of speeches and this for editorials.

11/5-6 Go to this site and check out the official websites of at least 5 people running for President. Write a short analysis of each site according primarily to elements of ETHOS but include LOGOS and PATHOS if you see something interesting. 300-400 words.
11/3-4 Read Haidt’s “Of Freedom and Fairness” In 200-400 words, explain which parts of his argument seem correct to you and which you disagree with. Also, explain where you’re unsure, where you need to think more about whether you agree or not.
Oct 27/28 Read “How Bernie Sanders became the conscience of the Democratic Party”  by Mona Charon and “Why let the rich hoard all the toys” by Nicholas Kristof. Then, write a 200-300 word analysis of how both articles use framing devices and loaded language to make their cases.
Oct 20/21

Read George Lakoff’s excerpt and Frank Luntz’s excerpt (you can stop at “Do Facts Matter). If you were trying to convince someone to either support or reject gun control laws, what framing techniques would you use to persuade a general American audience. Write a 1o0-word example.

Oct 19 Bring the SNF book to class
Oct 15/16 Prepare for the LOGOS t-wiz! You’ll be tested on Intro to Rhetoric, Claims, Syllogisms, Toulmin, and Logical Fallacies.
Oct 13/14 Read pages 98-109. Write a 10 question Logical Fallacies Quiz. Give an argument and then give 5 possible answers. Only one is correct, but don’t tell us which one. Use the slideshow here if you need help.  For instance:Give me that cupcake, because I want it.

  • A) hasty generalization
  • B) post hoc
  • C) strawman
  • D) circular
  • E) Ad Hominem
Oct 12 Bring SNT Book to class
Oct 8/9 Read pages 81-97 in Language of Composition. Do the activities on 92/93 and 96-97.
Oct 6/7  Read in The Language of Composition pages 1-18. Then, read the activity on page 10. Write one paragraph that convinces middle schoolers and another for the school board. Use as many of the concepts we’ve learned (rhetorical triangle, logos/ethos/pathos, SOAPS) as you can cram in there. Minimum 400 words.
Oct 1/Oct 2 Read Pope Francis’ speech to Congress (take a look at the video if you’d like). In a minimum 300 word response, apply the concepts of rhetoric (rhetorical triangle, logos/ethos/pathos, Cicero’s oratory) to his speech.
9/29-9/30 Justice QUIZ
9/25 Bring your SNT book to class
9/29-9/30 Read “The Case Against Equality of Opportunity” by Dylan Baker and write a min 300-word response that summarizes his argument, categorizes it according to a theory of justice, and agrees/disagrees/qualifies the argument with examples. Due T/W. M your SNP book is due.
9/23-9/24 Explain what all 5 theories of Justice would say about GMO labeling. At least 300 words. You don’t need to read all of these, but take a look at these sites to understand the different opinions and rhetorical strategies (Just Label it, Center for Food Safety, Forbes Article, Are GMOs safe? by Slate ).
 9/21-9/22 Read “The Dangers of a Soda Tax” and Soda: Ban it? Nah. Tax it? Yep. For each article, explain that theories of Justice that underlie their arguments.
9/17-18 Read a selection from John Stuart Mill’s “Utilitarianism.” Start at the beginning of the chapter and stop on the paragraph that begins “From this verdict.” For each paragraph, try to summarize what you think Mill is saying. This is HARD, so if you’re confused, that’s ok. Do your best.
9/17-18 Choose your Semester Nonfiction Topic
9/15-16 Read The Coddling of the American Mind and write a 200-word response that applies ideas of justice that you learned in the summer homework to the topic of trigger warnings.
9/9 Justice Write-up

Senior Comp


Date Assignment
  • Group A–Sep 22nd
  • Group B–Sep 24th
  • Group C–Sep 29th
  • Group D–Oct 1
College App Essay



Date Assignment
 9/16  Read this article about creating the Affirmative argument. We’ll have a short quiz on this Wednesday.


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