Tue, June 7th–Humanities

HW: Decide on your paper topic. Think hard. Jot down some notes.

Ok, first, we take the Brave New World test. Alpha children wear grey. They work much harder than we do, because they’re so frightfully clever.

Then, I want to take a quick look at Spinoza

Spinoza argues that true happiness is aligning our will with that of the universe. For instance, if our dog is killed in a car accident, we would have to acknowledge that this is a true possibility in this universe and that we have no right to rage against it. You buying that?

From the text…Seneca, Spinoza’s favourite philosopher, had compared human beings to dogs on a leash being led by the necessities of life in a range of directions. The more one pulls against what is necessary, the more one is strangled – and therefore the wise must always endeavour to understand ahead of time how things are – for example, what love is like, or how politics works – and then change their direction accordingly so as not to be strangled unnecessarily. It is this kind of Stoic attitude that constantly pervades Spinoza’s philosophy.

and then we’ll move on to Buddha.

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