Th, May 26th–Humanities

HW: Read Brave New World Chapters 14-15.

What we’re up to:

  • Free Will
  • Cogito Ergo Sum
  • Brave New World


Let’s talk Free Will first. I missed the article discussion, but let’s have it now. Do we have free will and does it matter? If you knew–beyond a doubt–that free will was an illusion would it change how you felt about your own decisions? About your justification in judging others? About your willingness to get out of bed at all?

On to Descartes! We’ll read from his Discourses on First Philosophy and decide whether or not everything that we know is an illusion created by an evil demon.

Finally, let’s talk BNW. We’ll probably only be able to talk about Chapters 7-9. How close is our own society to this society?

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