W, May 25th–AP

What we’re up to:

  • Another round of American plays
  • Choosing your play
  • Read-throughs

Ok, so I’ve been sick, but now I’m back…better than ever. Or at least not that much worse…

We’ll start by moving to play groups. You need groups of 2-5 and–for once–you can work with whomever you want.

Each groups should do four rounds of the following:

  1. Choose a play that looks promising. See the number of players. You’ll be able to combine roles if necessary, but check to see what is required.
  2. Do a read through of the first 15 minutes. Note the setting, characters, style, and themes.
  3. Discuss what you think of the play so far. What’s intriguing about it? What speaks to you?
  4. Go on to the next play.

OK! Then, it’s time to choose your play!

Now you’ll do a complete runthrough. It will probably take the entire period to finish the play, but if you do finish, here are the questions I’d like you to answer as a full group.

  1. What is the main question this play seeks to answer? What are the offered answers and what seems to be the answer that is landed on by the end?
  2. Describe the world that the play creates. Are events guided by character choice or do the characters seem to be at the whim of some vengeful fate/God? Is this a believable or fanciful world? Explain.
  3. What is the inciting incident which gets the story started? What is the final conflict that is resolved by the end?
  4. How–if at all- do the characters change during the course of the play? Why do they change/fail to change? What does that say about the ideas the play seems to be dealing with?
  5. What are the crucial themes of the play? What abstract ideas–honor, loyalty, family, gender, love, etc.–reverberate through the actions and discussions of the play?
  6. How should this play–ideally–be staged? Should their be an elaborate set or a minimal one? Props? Lighting? Special effects?
  7. How does the medium of the dramatic play differ from other media? What advantages does it have over other media? What are some of the drawbacks? How does this play exploit the advantages? Would this work as a movie or TV show? Why/ why not?


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