May 2nd–Creative Writing

Ok, let’s start with story conferences. Talk about where you are with your story with a partner. Here are the questions you need to address.

  1. How do you establish your lead? How do we know what he/she looks like? Values? Wants for the future?
  2. How do you establish the setting? Where are we? What are the rules? What’s the social situation like?
  3. How do you establish the conflict? What does our lead want/need and why?

Then let’s talk about middles.

A good middle:

  • Provides plausible obstacles for our mind character
  • Presents scenes that have goals, decision points, and turns
  • Leads us up to a climactic point where our lead must make a difficult decision or do something difficult.

Some ideas for this include:

  • Ramp up the stakes! If your lead is worried about getting an F on the test, make it so now the worry is failing the class! Losing her scholarship?
  • Bring in a new character? A love interest? A sidekick/helper? An antagonist? A mentor?
  • What seemed easy all of the sudden gets harder!
  • The lead make a big mistake–a mistake which he must learn from in order to grow.
  • Look at these “beats” and choose one or two to goose the tension

See this advice:

Ok, so our goal is another 2 pages leading up to a central crisis or decision. Good luck!

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