April 4th–Film

OK, let’s prepare our presentations today. I’ll check in at the halfway mark to see who wants to do this today.

Wait, check out this cartoon version of a Kubrick interview–the most feel-good interpretation of the meaninglessness of existence around.

Group Project

In groups of 3, present for the class a 10 minute presentation about a comedic movie that includes the following elements:

  • An analysis of a comedy, modern or older, where you examine what–exactly–makes the comedy work. This includes all of these film craft elements–mise-en-scene, cinematography, eiting–as well as a look at what makes something funny. Remember, your job is to go beyond That’s just funny to being able to explain why and how it is.
  • A Keynote or other presentation device that helps you show what you’re trying to say. Bullets are banned. Just use screenshots and short snippets of text. Talk over the top of that.
  • A clip from the movie that demonstrates a typical moment in the movie.
  • Preparation for a short discussion in class about some element of the movie. Create good questions that ask the audience to think.

Not sure what movie to do? Look at a few lists.

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