5/15–Creative Writing


OK, it’s edit time! We’ll have 3 readers look through our work and give us feedback on notecards. Here is what to look for:

Reader 1: Plot points– Is there a clear open that establishes the world, the lead, and the major conflict? How does the author work with exposition? What is the initial incident? What are the complications? How does the plot culminate in a final showdown or decision? How does it resolve? Is the story clear?

Reader 2: Writing elements:–Does the story take place in real time? Are characters and places described effectively? Do the scenes add important information to the story? Does the dialogue help establish characters? Is there both surprise and conflict?

Reader 3: Grammar and Conventions– Check to see that dialogue is correctly formatted. Are there enough paragraphs? Spelling? What about the use of punctuation and sentence structure?

Then…get to work!

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