Everyone–Wed, Nov 25th

AP–Choices: Turkey handprints, Turkey Haiku, and Caption contest. Debate–Make resolutions. Choose resolutions. Senior Comp–Research.  T-Day Eve Schedule P. 1      7:50-8:15 P. 4      9:18-9:42 P. 2      8:20-8:44 P. 5      9:47-10:11 P. 3      8:49-9:13 P. 6      10:16-10:40

Tue, Nov 24th–Senior Comp

What we’re up to: Constructing effective Moral arguments for a specific audience MLA formatting of parentheticals and works cited pages First, we’ll read a piece on how science suggests we conduct our arguments most effectively. Then, I’ll give you some info on both parenthetical notation AND MLA works cited page format. Here’s an example of […]

Mon, Nov. 23rd–Debate

What we’re up to: Observing professional debate to see public speaking and debate techniques Generating our own list of possible debate resolutions We’ll talk a bit about the last debate and what we’ve improved on and then… We’ll see a debate on “smart drugs” and college students. What CONTENTIONS do they make? What EVIDENCE do […]

Mon/Tue–Nov 23rd–AP

HW: None! What we’re up to: Applying rhetorical concepts to Documentary Let’s take a look at each other’s MLK essays and then drop them onto turnitin.com. We’ll then talk about documentaries and how the form works for rhetoric. First some terms: Narration Talking Head A-roll/B-roll Editing Intertitle Participatory/Observational/Performative/Experimental Sound–music, interview, environmental Some questions: What is […]

Th/F–Nov. 19-20–AP

HW: Final draft of Injustice Anywhere is due M/T of next week. What we’re up to: Peer editing the Injustice papers Converting first to final drafts Let’s take a look at these first papers. I’ll break you into groups of 3 and run this peer edit process. Everyone gets notecards. Each round there are three […]