June 11th–Creative Writing

OK, we’ll see where you’re at. Our play/screenplay assignment is due today. Drop that guy onto turnitin.com. If you’re not finished, time to get finished. Then, I’d like to give you time to read through the play/screenplays in small groups and–eventually–do a reader’s theater production of a few lucky writer’s works.  

Tue, June 9th–AP

OK…Let’s do this! The process: You have a play and a scene with at least 40 lines per student You have a photocopied scene You have/are in the process of memorizing your lines You block your scene and practice it for maximum awesomeness You plan costumes and props if necessary How do you memorize? Look […]

Fri, June 5th–Creative Writing

HOLA! Homestretch… If you’ve finished the short story, we only have the 10-minute play/screenplay left to go. Some ideas to help you figure out your story: 2+1: Start with a conflict between two people. Maybe a father and son? Maybe two co-workers? Maybe a fast food worker and a jerky customer? THEN, bring in a […]

Wed, June 3rd–Creative Writing

To get started, I want to take a look at a few movie scripts and see how they’re formatted, how they’re constructed. Obviously, let’s start with Brick by Rian Johnson. Read pages 1-12 In groups, note the differences in formatting between the movie script and the play script. How are names indicated? Acting directions. Background? […]

Fri, May 29th–Film

HOLA! Quick, are you caught up with all 4 essays! Then, you get to stay for the end of Breathless. But first, I want to give you some meeting time for the final project and an update on timing. I have space in Mr. Bruno’s computer class on June 5th for you to construct your […]